The Ultimate Sales & Marketing Tool Box

Get over $3,000 in Sales and Marketing Training!

A friend needs our help! Sal (HeySal), has been diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer!

Sal listened as the doctors told her ‘there’s nothing else we can do. Go home and make your final plans and arrangements’. Having once cured her beloved dog, Ricky, from cancer, Sal wasn’t ready to accept their doomsday advise. She went home and started working on her own plan.

She already knew what she did for Ricky, her dog (Saving Ricky) worked, he survived and thrived for many more years after that. The techniques she used were designed for humans, but she studied to find which dogs could have. So, she started on her journey, Beyond the Path, and took her first steps in curing the “incurable”.

It’s helping! But, she needs our help, too!

Some of the best, the ‘Best of the Best’, got together and created an amazing package. The Ultimate Tool Box. Inside you’re going to find the information that most would take years to figure out. Each product is jammed packed with solid, established material that no matter where you are in your marketing journey, online AND offline, you’ll find unbelievable value in everything here. Here is where you’ll find the golden nuggets to jump start your success, or even take it to the next level!

Inside you’ll find:
  • How to build a list, the right way.  They say “It’s in the list”, but it’s the quality of your list that matters.
  • How a funnel is supposed to work and how to do it correctly, maximizing your income!
  • How to establish the RIGHT relationship with your list. *The bonuses that are included are just amazing!*
  • Secrets to mass persuasion! This alone will complement everything else that’s included!
  • Traffic! It’s one of the hardest things to master when building your business! Here you’ll take the guess work out of it.
  • Discover what the copywriting and advertising professionals know that you don’t!
  • How a well structured newsletter will keep your customers coming back, time and time again!
  • Discover the REAL secret to making money with videos, no matter your budget!
  • How to make money writing without having to write articles!
  • How to create your own digital products. *Amazing bonuses included
  • Never lose traffic, leads or profits again! An easy to use WP under construction package!

And so much more! Everything you need to build a solid foundation for your business is in here!

And, it’s not just about your success, it’s about what you are giving back, too! In purchasing this, you’re going to help us, help Sal. All proceeds, every single bit, are going straight to Sal so she can get the treatments she knows work! Insurance doesn’t cover this stuff!

*One time payment of $49.95*

Need more information? No problem! Keep reading!

One of the trickiest parts of earning a living, online and offline, is knowing who to trust when you’re learning, right? You need to know:



Meet the product donors!

Dave147:  Dave is known for over delivering! Well, he went crazy with what he did inside this SWSO! List building strategies, relationship building and maximizing your profit are only some of what he’s included. The bonuses could be a stand alone, or OTO, but you’re going to get them all, here!

Michael Meaney: You’ve all seen how much time Mick dedicates to answering questions on threads, always going the extra mile. For this SWSO he donated a never-before-published product! Included is a 30 day challenge so you start out with the right mindset about the work involved and the rewards! His bonuses are to make sure you go the distance!

Kurt Melvin: The master of everything video! Kurt teaches you how to use PowerPoint to create videos for all of your marketing needs! It’s easier than you think and you don’t need expensive software, cameras, fancy lighting and equipment. The best part? You don’t even need to be on screen if you don’t want to! Step by step he walks you through creating great-looking videos to not only make you more money, but save you money, too!

Jason Kanigan: Most people don’t really understand how a funnel works. No more throwing spaghetti against the wall, hoping something will stick! Jason gives you step-by-step instructions on building the CORE of your business. In the videos and worksheets Jason gives you, you’ll learn exactly how to build a funnel, the RIGHT way and drive sustaining revenue. You also get a funnel worksheet and an awesome PDF on Business Development!

Claude Whitacre: Have you ever sent a sales letter, sales e-mail, or ran an advertisement and it failed completely? Learn how to produce a sales letter for advertisement that brings in the orders, phone calls and buyers! This collection includes an extensive seminar covering everything you need to know to turn your message into a cash magnet! *Eager business owners paid $399 each to be in this seminar!

You also get access to Claude’s newsletters that he used to generate sales, time and again.

Shay: Her Hotsheets are infamous! Shay is a master at quick guides to get you making additional income with her out-of-the-box methods! This quick guide is packed full of information on how you can earn additional income, writing, without having to write articles!

Tagiscom: Known for his graphic designing, Shane put together a WordPress Under Construction app so you’ll never lose traffic, leads or profits, ever again! While you’re building your WP site you can spread your upcoming launch via social media, they can sign up for your RSS feed and you can include one time, or free offers only available during the construction phase, (or when the timer is active)! Included is a Developer License.

*Just $49.95, one time payment*

No timer, no dimesale. But, you will get that warm, fuzzy feeling knowing that you not only got the deal of a lifetime, more importantly, you’re helping to save a life. When people can come together and help make a difference, that’s when our world changes. All lives matter.


Q: How will this be delivered?

A: Once you purchase, a link will be sent to the email you purchased with.  Nope, I’m not collecting a list, but I do need to be able to give you any and all updates! No info will be sold. Ever.

Q: Will I need any special software?

A: Yep, you’ll need to be able to open PDF files.   

Q: What about customer support?

A: Inside the SWSO are links to each product creator’s info, as well as their sales pages (when available). You’ll also have my attention and support email. If you need help, I’ll make sure you get it! There is a support email in the purchase file.

Q: Is there a money back guarantee?

A: Sorry, no. With something of this nature, I ask that you’re sure you want/need this before you purchase. I will, however, guarantee that you get any support, help you need just as fast as I can get it to you!