Liposomal PPC

29 Jul

If you’ve been reading, you are already aware that liposomal forms of supplements absorb much better than regular supplements.

One of the more recent supplements out, and not well known is Phospholipid Complex.

Lipids are crucial components of cellular membrane. They have diverse systematic roles. Healthy cellular signaling, membrane, intercellular interaction in tissue, and chemical energy storage are some of these roles. When lipids are damaged mitochondrial function is, too, so it’s important to replace these membrane lipids if you have cancer (or other illnesses). Doing so can restore mitochondrial functions, help fight fatigue, remove chemical contaminants and can even reduce pain and other symptoms.

Liposomal PC is a safe supplement, although it’s a tad costly at from $40 to $100 for around a month’s supply. Compared to medical expenses, that’s still extremely cheap, though.

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