Successes, Good Days, Bad Days

26 Jun

Like anyone else with chronic illness, some days I’m just sick of being sick.  Other days I feel great, but am still frustrated by the lack of strength and stamina I am experiencing.

I went to the doctor’s a few weeks ago and found that for the first time in a year I have gained weight instead of lost.  If you look back a few posts I tell about what my research into cachexia (weight loss due to cancer) and what supplements I started taking to combat it.

The doctor was quite impressed with my progress and I was elated.  So I took my 4 day vacation to Nevada.  I did a little socializing with old friends, some rock hunting, and a little gambling.  It was a great time, but the restaurant food did me not one favor.  My stomach has been quite obnoxious to me since I’ve been home but is starting to clear up again.  I guess 4 days was too much for me yet………but it was still worth it.  Sometimes we just have to cut loose a little bit and stretch the limits  – at least those of us who spend out time in the outdoors whenever possible do.

So….good days, and bad days, it looks like my supplements are paying off a little bit at a time.  The moral is – don’t let anyone tell you you’re dead.  If they say they can’t do anything, find a way to do it yourself.

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