The Cachexia Catch

9 May

The major problem that cancer has given me is called cachexia. The weight loss has been staggering, and the fatigue and weakness has done everything but put me off my feet completely. It became apparent a few weeks back that I had to find an answer to the weight loss if I am going to get over the cancer.
So I started studying again.

Doctors prescribe ensure, of all things, Ensure to fight against cachexia. This makes no sense whatsoever as the carbs in Ensure are wonderful food for cancer. Cancer cells have receptors for both glucose and glutamine, so the Ensure is nothing but a food for them.

Chachexia occurs because cancer tumors eat the glucose then produce a lactic acid by-product which the liver converts to glucose, which, in turn, feeds the tumors. The acid buildup also causes pain because it irritates nerve endings. And so goes the cycle.
The doctors seem to have forgotten to talk about that and instead prescribe the glucose ladden Ensure. The only thing this stuff seems to ensure is that the cancer has plenty of food to thrive on.

I also ordered a few supplements that can be helpful in stopping the cycle.

MSM: I was already taking liposomal Vitamin C. To this I added MSM. MSM is an organic sulfur that contains a sulfur compound. It has the ability to detoxify the body, kill the microbes in cancer cells, and to neutralize lactic acid buildup. I dissolve the MSM tablet in water for an hour or so (I can’t swallow pills easily since the main tumor is right there in my esophagus). A half hour later I take a high dose of liposomal Vitamin C, 2000 milligrams. Vitamin C is extremely toxic to cancer cells.

D-ribose: This substance is the building block of ATP (adenosine triphosphate). It is necessary for all cellular energy and helps to transfer energy to weakened body cells.
Magnesium Glycinate: Magnesium deficiency can cause all sorts of problems, even for otherwise healthy people. Along with keep heart rates stable and regulating nerve and muscle function, it supports the immune system and, very importantly, helps get rid of lactic acid buildup, thus interfering with the lactic-acid/glucose cycle that feeds cancer cells.

Last week I went into the doctor for a new pain med as the one I was on contained acetaminophen and was starting to bother my stomach. It is the first time I’ve gone in and weighed in without any weight loss. In fact, I had gained a few ounces!

I am wondering if doctors don’t know these things…….which is pretty lame since oncologists pass themselves off as cancer experts, or whether they just are prohibited from actually telling patients these things. It seems, though, to be a doctor in today’s pharmaceutically owned and operated medical industrial complex you have to sell your soul to the corporations.

It angers me to no end and I am just left to wonder how many people die because the only thing they are offered for help is the toss up of whether radiation will kill them or the cancer first. Some people get lucky and survive……….but the radiation only kills the tumor(s). It doesn’t touch the cancer stem cells, so it comes back later – with vengeance.

This new pain med has messed up my appetite a little bit but I’m adjusting to it, so am hoping that with these new supplements, I can start to gain some weight back soon. As I told the doctor – I’m not worried about the cancer. It’s the cachexia that will get me if I can’t stop it.

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