Sunshine, the Vitamin D3 Fix

23 Apr

Sunshine has become pretty controversial in the last few decades. So much so that some people slap on the sunscreens (even those with toxic chemicals in them) before the rays of the sun even hit their skin. Vitamin D deficiency is pandemic…….and deadly.
Vitamin D isn’t just a vitamin. It’s a hormone – and one sure way to encourage cancer is to unbalance your hormones. Vitamin D deficiency is at the root of many syndromes, diseases, and types of cancer.

Of course, there’s always vitamin D supplements, but they don’t do what the sun does. The body also produces a sulfur compound that cancer hates when you let the sun shine on you. What is dangerous is allowing yourself to burn.

When you get sun in the right doses, it actually gives you the formula to protect you from the radiation. When you burn, you destroy that protection and your cells.

I love the sun. My skin never wrinkled from it. Then, I always made sure I was getting enough omega oils, too. If you aren’t getting omegas, you’re gonna wrinkle. Early in spring, I start laying out and getting 15 minutes of sun on each side. That’s enough to give me the substances that are good for me, to build a little protective color up, yet not long enough to burn. By the time I go rock hunting in the summer, I’m tan enough to withstand some sun. I won’t try to tell you I never burn, but it’s very rare that I do.
In the winter I prefer to buy a full spectrum light to sit by while I’m on the computer than to take supplements, but I do take supplements if I can’t get into the sun often enough.

Last summer I got almost no sunlight. I lived in an area of Oregon that underwent 2 months of between hazardous and dangerous levels of smoke – which is when I started feeling real sick. I know the cancer had been there before that, but that smoke seemed to be like fertilizers are for flowers.

Anyway, Vitamin D is one of the vitamins that is considered an absolute necessity for any form of health, so I get my share of it however I have to do it. This is one vitamin I don’t even know if there’s a liposomal form of since I take supplements so rarely compared to getting real sun or full spectrum light from a bulb.

I suggest that if you don’t trust sunlight, then you need to do some delving into more recent studies. I also suggest you make sure that they weren’t funded by sunscreen manufacturing companies. It was these corporations that are responsible for teaching doctors to have us slop poisonous lotions all over our bodies. You might be surprised how many scientists don’t agree with what we’ve all been taught over the years about how dangerous the sun is.

For my money, we were created on a planet that expected us to be in sunshine. I don’t think it’s a real good idea to think we can outsmart nature. Get some sun – but don’t burn. It’s that simple.

2 Replies to “Sunshine, the Vitamin D3 Fix

  1. Hello Sal,

    Just checking in to see how you are doing. It seems you are developing a plan and that’s the most important thing. Waking up each day with purpose and a guide will take you further than just seeing what the day brings.

    Continued warm thoughts being sent you way. 🙂

    Cheers. – Big Frank

    • I completely agree with that, Frank. I can’t imagine having no goals or interests to keep me motivated. One of my goals is to get well enough to be able to do some volunteer work a day or two a week. It really would be just so wonderful to be useful and have a social life again!

      Thanks so much for your well wishes. They are much appreciated.

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