Vitamin C and Cancer

16 Apr

The use of Vitamin C for cancer is still quite controversial…… least in the US. While we all know that this vitamin is important in our general health maintenance, our medical system doesn’t recognize it as a cancer cure. Other countries are not so skeptical about it.

For use in fighting cancer, the C is given intravenously. In Some countries they use a combination of Vitamins C and K3 in a 100:1 ratio and the results look good. Good enough that the US has finally broken down and is studying the results. C infusion therapy is very hard to get here at all, and this combo, I’ve never heard of being given here at all. Doctors will sometimes admit that the C helps the other therapies work, at least.

UI redox biology expert Garry Buettner, a professor of radiation oncology and a member of Holden Comprehensive Cancer Center at the University of Iowa claims:

“Our results suggest that cancers with low levels of catalase are likely to be the most responsive to high-dose vitamin C therapy, whereas cancers with relatively high levels of catalase may be the least responsive,”

He also explains that C selectively kills cancer cells while not harming good cells, which is a problem with traditional chemotherapy used in the states.

I’m having results, but I can’t really point to any one specific element. I know I need the C so I take it.  I take many things, not willing to trust my life to one hit or miss element.  After reading many of the Vitamin C studies, I’m pretty sure that it does some good. Some of the studies that deny it works are discredited for not delivering the vitamin correctly for the therapy. Others claim it works because of the hydrogen peroxide that the vitamin produces. Some studies say it works, but the reason is not completely clear to the researchers. Since other countries seem to be using it with some success in curbing the proliferation of cancer, I would rather error on the side of cure than just ignore such an important supplement.

While I would love to be able to get C infusions, I’ve had to settle for the next best thing. Liposomal Vitamin C. If you do not understand liposomal, you can read my previous post which explains it. Basically, what it is, is a form of delivery that lets the vitamin pass through to your bloodstream without destruction in the digestive system so you are at least getting the vitamin you take. It’s a bit expensive, but I feel that the liposomal supplements I am taking are actually doing me some good. I could feel the difference when I started taking them.

In conclusion, I would say that I wouldn’t put all my eggs in that basket, but anything that helps to stunt the growth of tumors is worth taking even if isn’t the cure all on it’s own. Every little bit of defense helps.

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