Liposomal Supplements

8 Apr

Supplementing is something almost everyone seems to agree is important, yet many understand little about. They happily pick their multivitamins off the shelf of the grocery store and figure that they are covered. It would be nice if things were that simple.

The truth is, a lot of the supplements we take never make it into our bloodstream in any meaningful amounts. If you are just in prevention mode, you can afford to not get the full benefits of a substance all the time. When you have cancer, there’s a few substances that you don’t want to take chances with of not getting the full dose.

Take for example, Vitamin C. Vitamin C infusions can save lives. It goes straight into your bloodstream and cells. Vitamin B12 is another that has a very hard time making it through the digestive tract to your bloodstream and cells. Vitamin C infusion is not covered by most insurances, and despite its proven effectiveness, our medical industrial complex has tried to completely ban it. You can get the therapy in a few places………but it’s expensive. Getting Vitamin B12 shots via a naturopath is also expensive.

Now, technology has allowed scientists to build a means to get the supplements to survive the digestion process, and absorb straight into your bloodstream so you get the full benefits and aren’t left with an impossible task of deciding how much you actually got, and how much was wasted. Via this technology, molecules are protected by liposomes so they make it to your cells instead of being destroyed in the digestive tract and processes.

There are several substances that are proven cancer killers, but not that easily absorbed by the body that are now available as liposomal supplements. They are expensive. But they are not medical therapy expensive and they are available to you now so you can act against the cancer right now even if you have to search for safe medical answers.  If you are going to take a supplement…….check and find out if there are liposomal forms of that supplement before you waste your money on second rate products that are more marketing than they are medicine.

As this blog continues, I’ll talk about which liposomal supplements I insist on taking, and why.

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