Cancer and the Social Life

4 Apr

Since this is my first post, I guess I’m going to cover first things first.

The first thing is to say hi to all my friends, associates, and those who landed here simply because they have cancer or know and care about someone who does.

What I would like everyone to know right off the cuff about cancer is that it can be a little lonely.  It seems that people aren’t sure how to act or treat someone with cancer, so they either avoid or get flaky about talking to the victim.  This does nothing to help – at all.

Cancer does not change who the person is.  Some people will be more scared than others, and I think we all probably get a tad more introspective than usual.  Yet we are still the same person we always were.  It seems that the disease can be harder on the people who love you than on yourself sometimes.

Relax.  There’s no need to treat the victim any different than you always have (unless you’re usually a jackass to them, anyway).  We still appreciate our social lives, and can still appreciate a joke.  We can answer questions you have without falling into bits.  Let us educate you if you have questions…….you might need those answers someday.  We are not cancer, it’s just something we have to deal with, so just relax and be yourself.  There’s no need to panic every time we feel a little twinge of pain or feel a little frustration.

Where we do need help is in the realms of physical stamina.  Energy is hard to come by, so if you bring us that plate of food or cup of tea so we don’t have to run for it, it’s so appreciated.  If you can pick things up at the store while you’re there for us, it’s so much of a help.  And – since we have to exercise to fight the illness, if you walk with us so we don’t need to worry about needing an arm to lean on……..that’s just awesome.

The more normal you are around us, the more normal and happy we feel.  When a lot of people start tiptoeing around wearing their kid gloves, life gets lonesome.

That’s all for today.  Come on back now and again.  I’ll be posting info about what I’ve found via my research and what I’m using to crush this disease, too, so maybe some of that info will be useful in helping you or someone you know.


2 Replies to “Cancer and the Social Life

  1. Sal, thanks for being willing to share your personal story with us. Thanks for being open and frank about how you feel and especially what others can do when they hear that you have cancer and may be wondering “gosh, what can I do to help?” or “how should I act?”

    You know that we’re all rallying with you, and it didn’t look like anyone else had made a comment on your blog, so I wanted to let you know that at least 1 person has read it and appreciates your efforts. I wish I could be there in person to bring you some tea or run to the store. Best I can do is keep up with the (((long-distance-healing-vibes)))…


  2. Lizzie! How wonderful to see you here. I hope that you find something useable in my rantings somewhere. You just made my day, girl.

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