Welcome to Beyond the Path.

My friends just call me Sal.  I was diagnosed with 4th stage cancer this January.  I was already down to 80 pounds and could not have survived the only therapies that insurance in our medical industrial complex allows us.  Alternate therapies are completely beyond my financial capabilities to seek out. It’s hard enough for a single woman to live in today’s financial fiasco of an economy.  So……..I’m on my own in a lot of ways.

One of the ways I’m not alone is that I have a sister who welcomed me into her home so I didn’t have to worry about too much.  All the daily tasks are taken care of for me.  I also have a niece right down the road from me who is about my best friend and offers not only some help with physical tasks that are beyond me now, but also is great company and keeps me motivated to keep up with my crafts and such.

I also have made some friends and business associates online over the past decade who have stepped up to the bat and produced a fundraiser and a funding page for me.

As far as support goes – I’ve got plenty.  As far as treatment to kill this crud – I’m on my own right now.

A few years back I killed my dog’s bone cancer, so I already had a head start researching how to conquer this menace.  I’ve been doing a lot more research since my diagnosis and am finding all sorts of new substances that studies are showing effective against the disease.   I am already feeling stronger, but I have a long way to go — and after curing my pup, I know it takes a while to do, so I am feeling confident right now.

If you have cancer, or have a friend or family member with it – I hope you will visit my blog now and then.  It may give you some perspective on what you/they are facing, how you/they are feeling, and maybe just give you some insight on how to help yourself or them in the conquest against the disease.